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What God Cannot Do Does Not Exist

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Streams of Joy International

Streams of joy is the Home of the Global Online Prayer Platform; New Season Prophetic Prayers and Declarations (NSPPD). Through all our eyes have seen, our ears have have heard and our hands handled, We have a firm conviction that WHAT GOD CANNOT DO DOES NOT EXIST.

We have a strong passion to serve God and Love one another saturating our environment and the world with the presence and power of God. We believe in the power of God’s word in changing lives and through the manifestation of the Supernatural.

In Streams of Joy, we seek to have a multi-ethnic membership reaching and crisscrossing all nations of the world


Our Vision

We are church made up of people from many ethnic backgrounds and nationalities with a strong passion to serve God and Love one another saturating our environment and the world with the presence and power of God.

Mission Statement

1 Cor. 1:10. We are the heart that embraces all with love: the voice that speaks change into people with hope, comfort, and peace.


  • Streams of Joy International seeks to be an international lighthouse.
    A lighthouse is a tower, building, or other type of structure designed to emit very bright light called a beacon from a system of lamps and lenses and used as a navigational aid for marine pilots at sea or on inland waterways. The beacon is used by sailors as guide to their ships especially at night.
    In the same manner, Streams of Joy International serves as guide and source of direction in our world.
  • Streams of Joy seeks to have a multi-ethnic membership (that is a congregation of people from many ethnic groups) reaching and crisscrossing all nations of the world.
  • We are responsible disciples of Jesus Christ who are ready to give joy, hope, and peace to everyone who walks through our doors.
  • We show the love of Christ to everyone we come in contact with.
  • We partner with God unto the maturity and equipping of His saints to become all He wants them to be.

Our Committments

Streams of Joy international is committed to:

  • Developing a spirit filled Church
  • Raising men and women with integrity
  • Releasing men with their gifts and callings
  • Building rewarding relationships
  • Effective preaching and teaching of God's word
  • Building a culture of good stewardship
  • The spirit of excellence
  • Influencing generations by the power of our vision
  • Treating each other with respect and dignity
  • Leaving a legacy of hope and promise to future generations
  • Being accountable to every word and action

Our Core Values

  • Excellence
  • Accountability
  • Availability
  • Integrity
  • Honour
  • Creativity
  • Team work
  • Discipline

Our Focus

  • Being the best at what we do
  • Operating the business of God ethically, professionally and efficiently
  • Providing according to the direction of the Holy Spirit, need driven programs.

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Streams of Joy Ministries

More about us

We are the HEART that EMBRACES all with LOVE

A platform that affords all married men in church opportunities to engage, interact and establish rewarding relationships. They are expected to be good mobilisers for noble causes.
A forum where all the married women in church come together to edify one another, share experiences, equip themselves on issues of common interest. They are equally expected to be great mobilizers for kingdom causes.
The Singles’ Fellowship of Streams of Joy is a unit that is geared at equipping Young individuals to developing a deeper relationship with Christ through fellowshipping with other Young believers. It is an umbrella body for three(3) classes of Singles; Jewels of Grace(The Single Ladies in Church), Brains and Brawns(All The Single Men in Church) and The Working Singles(A platform for All Working Singles). Through the pivotal Saturday Singles’ Timeout Program with our Lead Pastor; Pastor Jerry Uchechukwu Eze and several other weekly, monthly and quarterly programs, capacities are built and these Young believers are empowered with an all round Wisdom, Knowledge and understanding for the bigger life ahead of them be it in their academics, businesses, careers and marital lives.
The Trail Blazers are the teenagers of Streams of Joy. It is a forum where they are particularly guided in the way of wisdom and righteousness. These are the ones transitioning from the foundation they have received as Mighty Arrows to a life as a born again Young Adult in our Singles’ Fellowship.
2000 years ago, Jesus said ‘Let the little Children come unto me” and we believe he continues to say it today. By the Leading of the Holy Spirit and Through the skilful guidance of our Volunteers, these little ones have so much to offer. In Streams of Joy, We refer to our children as the “Mighty Arrows” and We value them as a key part of the Body of Christ.

My soul is weary with sorrow; strengthen me according to your word.


Prayer is simply communicating our thoughts with Hm by expressing how we feel or what we think or desire at every point in time. It's important to bear in mind that prayer is our medium to responds to God.


Make a commitment today to deliberately watch the things we hear or see or expose our minds to, as this would help us yield continually to the Holy spirit who's committed to help us.


By Worshipping God, we are reminded of the greatness of God! His power and presence in our lives is reinforced in our understanding.